Advisory Services

For the last decade, I have worked with businesses, investors, non-profits, and governments to solve challenges of analytics, economics, innovation, strategy, and public policy. My clients include large multi-nationals, high-growth startups, leading investment and professional services firms, prominent advocacy and policy organizations, and world class research universities. They tend to be leaders in the technology and media, startup and venture capital, financial services, and public and social sectors. If you’d like to collaborate, please drop me a note.



Research + Content

I am an expert at producing data-driven insights and content that is actionable and easily-intelligible to non-experts. I have been a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, major foundations, leading non-profit groups, and prominent research institutions. I serve clients by producing independent reports, co-creating insight products, informing evidence-based campaigns, building quantitative models and analytical tools, and developing presentations.

+ Project Examples

  • I have been a long-time fellow at Washington, D.C.-based think-tanks, and frequently produce analysis, writing, and presentions on key policy and research issues in the areas of entrepreneurship, venture capital, technology, innovation, economic growth, and the labor market.
  • I have published a body of independent research for prominent research foundations on topics that include entrepreneurship in America, the effect of automation on employment, and the impact of on-demand platforms, among other key subject areas.
  • Advised a Fortune 100 financial services company to better understand the state of entrepreneurship and small businesses in the United States and to conduct a survey of companies.
  • Produced a series of independent research reports on the impact of the technology sector on employment, growth, and entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Europe (some in collaboration with leading academics) on behalf of a Fortune 100 internet services company.
  • Built quantitative models and descriptive guidance on the economic impact of emerging technologies (internet of things, artificial intelligence) across a range of countries and sectors for thought-leadership materials at a Fortune 500 technology services company.


Innovation + Product

Over the years, I have launched new ventures, helped young organizations get off the ground, and worked with established firms to expand into new areas. I have worked on product and market development with venture-backed tech startups, engaged on corporate innovation initiatives, and helped create new product and service offerings for innovation and professional services firms.

+ Project Examples

  • Advised a media startup on strategy and product development for an engagement platform and insight products. The company focuses on startups in Europe, and is backed by one of the most prominent global news organizations.
  • Advised a leading global startup investment, education, and innovation services firm on the development of a new product and service offering that cultivates the external environment for entrepreneurship in emerging cities throughout the world.
  • Worked with one of the largest privately-held global media companies to develop and launch a new platform to bring exclusive news, analysis, and data products to the intersection of business and government.
  • Served as an advisor to multiple early-stage, venture-backed startups in the United States (Silicon Valley and East Coast) on product development and sales and marketing strategies.


Analytics + Strategy

I help both startups and large corporations in the innovation economy and beyond, to launch and assess strategic initiatives, build analytical tools and quantitative models, and develop content-related products and services.

+ Project Examples

  • Built an analytical diagnostic tool and helped to shape strategy for digital skills requirements across a range of functions for a Fortune 500 technology services company.
  • Advised the venture-backed startup valuation and strategic advisory services group of a Fortune 500 financial institution focused on the innovation economy, to help them better understand and utilize data products, insight, and advisory services potential.
  • Started and lead a data analytics function for a Silicon Valley-based, startup investment and incubation firm, which required working with portfolio companies on data-related strategies and product development. The company was acquired by Alphabet.
  • Developed content and lead instruction for a first-tier global research university on post-graduate courses on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development in urban environments.
  • Lead the creation of a technology sector practice within an existing consulting firm (one of the largest and well-acclaimed in Europe).


Policy + Regulation

I work with leaders in businesses, non-profits, advocacy groups, public affairs firms, and governments to understand the implications of proposed policy and regulatory actions, and how to determine better programs can be designed.

+ Project Examples

  • Developed an evidence-base and framework for better understanding the impact of “data localization” policies for a Fortune 100 global internet services provider to engage with policymakers and international bodies overseeing internet regulations.
  • Worked with leaders in the medical technology industry to understand and diagnose regulatory barriers restricting product development, and assess the subsequent impacts on entrepreneurship, innovation, and funding.
  • Worked with digital technology sector leaders in the United Kingdom to assess and quantify the economic implications of various Brexit scenarios, informing their engagement with government on policy options.
  • Advised the CEO of a major British media company on their role in leading a business roundtable for Treasury to better understand the drivers and obstacles to improved innovation, entrepreneurship, and productivity in the creative industries.
  • I am frequently asked to engage with policymakers and their staffs at the national, state, and local levels to improve conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship, either informally or as an input to the specific executive or legislative proposals.